Volunteer for Glaucoma Research Foundation

What happens when you step up as a volunteer for Glaucoma Research Foundation? You use your talents to assist a nationally recognized nonprofit organization striving to save sight.

You learn the most up-to-date information about glaucoma and its treatment. Most important, you help more than four million Americans with glaucoma — half of whom don’t even know they have the disease.

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  • Video Transcript

    We Invite You To Join Us!

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    Outreach to Professionals
    Establish contact with local eye care professionals, deliver educational materials, and follow up to learn whether and how the materials are helping doctors and patients.
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    Community Outreach
    Contact local community organizations that serve people at particular risk for glaucoma, including seniors, African Americans, and people with diabetes.
    Fundraise for GRF
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    Become an online fundraiser and inspire others to support our mission. We’ll walk you through the process of creating an online fundraising page that you can customize with your story, photos, and videos.
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    Event Volunteer
    There may be opportunities to volunteer your skills to help with Glaucoma Research Foundation events! If you think you have great skills to offer, and you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, get in touch with us at volunteer@glaucoma.org
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    Contact Us to Learn More

    For questions or to discuss volunteer options, call us at 415-986-3162 or send us an email.

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    Real-World Inspiration

    Volunteer work, both practical volunteering in the field and through virtual programs, gives you insight into real-world contexts and helps you gain experience and understanding. And there are so many opportunities to choose from.