Fundraise for Glaucoma Research Foundation

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Become an online fundraiser and inspire others to support our mission. We’ll walk you through the process of creating an online fundraising page that you can customize with your story, photos, and videos.

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What kind of fundraiser would you like to host?

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Celebrate the memory of someone you love by raising money for glaucoma research in his or her memory.

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Special Occasion

Celebrate a special occasion by encouraging family and friends to make a gift to support glaucoma awareness and research.

Birthday Cake

Why not give up your gifts and ask for donations instead? Make this year special. Celebrate your birthday and a great cause at the same time.

Athletic Event

Whether you’re running a marathon, skydiving for the first time, or anything in between, use your next sporting opportunity to raise funds and awareness for glaucoma research.

Party Decor
Or Be Creative!

Grow a mustache, shave your head, play a video game, dance all day. Do your thing, just do it for a cause. Go ahead. Get creative!

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Remember to complete these important steps:

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Step 1

Create your fundraising page and set a goal. You can also organize a team and encourage your family and friends to start their own fundraising pages.

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Step 2

Promote your fundraising page through email and social media.

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Step 3

Thank your supporters and share the progress of your campaign.

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Learn More

For questions or to discuss other fundraising options, call us at 415-986-3162, send us an email or download our Peer Fundraising Guidebook.

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Ten Simple Fundraising Tips

Would you like to be more effective with your personal Fundraiser? If you’re an individual raising money for a cause you care deeply about, these tips will give you just what you need.