Financial Assistance

We encourage you to contact any of the following programs if you need financial aid to assess or treat an eye problem.

Eye Care

For Adults 65 and older

EyeCare America
Offers free comprehensive eye exams and up to 1 year of care for individuals aged 65 and older and those at higher risk of glaucoma.

For Children

All Children See
Connects children needing comprehensive eye exams to qualified eye doctors. Eligibility is based on vision screening results.

Provides free eye assessments for babies aged 6 to 12 months by eye doctors.

For Veterans

VA Vision Care
If you have VA healthcare benefits, routine eye exams and preventive vision testing is covered. They also offer advanced vision care and rehabilitation services for low vision patients.

For All Ages

  • Your doctor and eye doctor: Ask your doctor they can refer you to low-cost eye care.
  • Community Health Centers: Some offer free or low-cost eye care. Find one near you.
  • Local Colleges or Universities: Inquire if they provide low-cost eye care, especially if they have optometry or ophthalmology programs.
  • Medical Schools: Many university-based medical schools offer discounted services for qualifying individuals. Inquire at your local university.
  • Social Workers: Check with local hospitals and agencies in your community for assistance.
  • Local Pharmacies: Ask your pharmacist about discounts on medications and medicine delivery.

American Glaucoma Society: AGS Cares
Offers free glaucoma surgery for those with low income or no insurance. Check the patient eligibility form here.

Lions Clubs International
(630) 571-5466 (national office). Provides financial assistance for eye care through local clubs. Find your local club’s contact information in your telephone book.

National Federation of the Blind
Provides free white canes for personal use.

VSP Eyes of Hope
Offers no-cost eye care and eyeglasses for those with limited income and no health insurance. Contact a school nurse or community partner organization for assistance.

Patient Assistance Programs from Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharmaceutical companies have established Patient Assistance Programs which provide financial support for medications to eligible patients in the United States who are unable to afford the cost of their medication.

Medications: Alphagan P, Combigan, Durysta, Lumigan
(800) 222-6885

Alcon Patient Affordability Program
Medications: Rhopressa, Rocklatan, Simbrinza
(800) 757-9195 (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm CST)

Bausch Health
Medications: Vyzulta, Pilocarpine HCI, OptiPranolol, Istalol, Timoptic
(833) 862-8727

Merck Patient Assistance Program
Medications: Trusopt
(800) 727-5400 or (800) 994-2111

Novartis Patient Assistance Foundation
Medications: Azopt, Betoptic S., Travatan Z
(800) 277-2254

Pfizer RxPathways
Medication: Xalatan

Sun Ophthalmics
Medication: Xelpros

Additional Resources

Connects older adults and people with disabilities with benefits programs that can help with healthcare, medicine, food, utilities and more.

Blink Health
Offers discounted prescription prices on various medications, including delivery.

Helps you find the best prescription prices and discounts by keeping up with over 70,000 pharmacies in the US.

Offers coverage for glaucoma tests and medication. Important to note that Medicare Part B covers glaucoma tests once every 12 months if you meet the high-risk criteria for glaucoma.

Provides information on drug manufacturer programs for those who can’t afford medications.

Patient Access Network (PAN) Foundation
Assists patients with out-of-pocket costs for prescribed medications.
P.O. Box 221858
Charlotte, NC 28222
(866) 316-7263

Helps people obtain critical medications they can’t afford.

Rx Outreach
Offers affordable medications via mail order for those with lower incomes.

Allows individuals to shop for prescription medications at the lowest cash price.

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