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Scientific studies made possible by Glaucoma Research Foundation are changing the way doctors treat glaucoma — and speeding the search for a cure. Sharing these studies across the bioscience community ensures that today’s discoveries inspire and inform future research.

Video: How Do We Share Discoveries?

Drs. Monica Vetter and Nick Marsh-Armstrong — members of the first pioneering Catalyst for a Cure consortium — explain how their collaborative findings influence others in the quest for glaucoma innovation.

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  • Video Transcript

    “Having our work cited so often by other scientists, many of whom we respect to a high degree, is just evidence to us that we’re having a big impact in driving the future of glaucoma research.”

    — Nicholas Marsh-Armstrong, PhD Catalyst for a Cure investigator (CFC1)
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    How do the results of glaucoma research conducted in the laboratory make their way into the world? Scientists publish their findings, making them accessible to other researchers, who build on them in their own work.

    This exchange of knowledge starts with peer review, a scholarly process used in the publication of scientific research manuscripts. Peer review ensures high quality standards by subjecting an author’s work or ideas to the scrutiny of experts in the field. Each reviewer returns an evaluation of the manuscript, including suggestions for improvement, to an editor or other intermediary. Once research is refined and published, other scientists who take inspiration from the work will reference the study with a citation in their scientific report.

    Studies supported by Glaucoma Research Foundation have been influential in and beyond the field of ophthalmology. Findings from our first Catalyst for a Cure initiative — the endeavor that redefined glaucoma as a neurological disorder, not just a disease of the eye — have been cited by other scientists more than 8,000 times. Each citation is a vote of confidence that our community’s investments in collaborative research are advancing the quest for a glaucoma cure and shaping the future of health care overall.

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