Find an Eye Doctor

Although we are unable to make specific eye doctor referrals, the following organizations may help you find a doctor.

Professional Organizations

The AGS provides online listings of their members located throughout the United States (Find an AGS Doctor). Their members specialize in glaucoma and have received fellowship training in glaucoma following their ophthalmology residency.

The AAO provides online listings of member ophthalmologists practicing in the US and abroad (Find An Ophthalmologist). You can search for ophthalmologists by specialty and location. Select “glaucoma” as the subspecialty to search for a glaucoma specialist.

(800) 365-2219
Your state optometric association can provide you with information about doctors of optometry in your area. Call the main phone number to get the number for your state association, or go to the AOA website.

866-ASK-ABMS (866-275-2267)
You can check to see if a doctor is board-certified by calling the American Board of Medical Specialties. Board certification does not prove a doctor’s competency, but it does show that the physician has passed the board’s exam for his or her specialty.

Other Resources

Glaucoma Research Foundation Ambassadors

The GRF Ambassadors are a national leadership group of eye doctors who specialize in glaucoma and are dedicated to improving access to educational materials for all glaucoma patients. GRF Ambassadors are advocates for patient education, assist with the development of educational materials, and make patient education a key component within their practice.

County Medical Society

Most counties have a local medical society which keeps a listing of all the doctors in the area. You may wish to contact your local health department for the number if none is listed in your telephone directory.

University Based Hospitals

Other resources for physician referrals are major hospitals or medical universities. Consult with the ophthalmology department of each school to find out their referral policies.