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Falls are a major risk for people with impaired vision caused by glaucoma. Many avoid leaving home for fear of falling. The FIG Study finds behaviors that reduce the risk of falling and return access to the world for those with advanced glaucoma. When I make a contribution to FIGS and volunteer to participate in the study, I feel the dual satisfactions of knowing that I am making my life better and safer and also safeguarding the safety and freedom of fellow glaucoma sufferers.”

– Ron Levin, FIGS Participant and Supporter   

Advances in healthcare – new insights, therapies, and cures – happen thanks to investments from individuals, like Ron, who believe in the promise of science. These leaps forward begin with steps that philanthropy initiates. With your support and that of others, Dr. Ramulu hopes to gain valuable data for developing interventions to prevent falls and ultimately improve the quality of life for glaucoma patients. Your consideration to support the Falls in Glaucoma Study gives our clinician scientists flexibility in nurturing medical innovations to fruition one step at a time.

Thank you for your partnership in the FIGS program and for your consideration to make a gift. We are grateful for all that you do to advance our work at the Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute!

To make a gift, please make your check out to the Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute, and on the memo of the check please indicate that you would like your gift to support Dr. Ramulu’s Falls in Glaucoma Study. You can mail your check to:

Wilmer Eye Institute
Wilmer Development Office, Wilmer 112
1800 Orleans Street
Baltimore, MD 21287

Visit the Wilmer Eye Institute online at or call the Development Office at 410-955-2020.